web-humbugaboveSo you want to know a little bit about The Humbugs. Well here you go. The Humbugs have been playing their brand of pop rock and roll in the Twin Cities for over a decade.  The band is centered on the husband and wife team of Adam and Kristin Marshall. The songs are rooted in classic pop. It’s so difficult to answer the proverbial question, “who do you sound like?” Rather, we’d prefer the listener to make that judgment. However, we will say who we consider some of our biggest influences to be. The list is nearly endless, but would have to include: The Beatles and many other British Invasion groups, The Beach Boys, Elvis Costello, Crowded House, Aimee Mann, Blondie, The Pretenders, Fleetwood Mac, Prefab Sprout

When Adam and Kristin set out to assemble the band the goal was to find solid musicians that not only shared similar musical sensibilities, but people that all got along, people that could have a good time together. The band honestly is made up of friends that hang out together, laugh at each other, and all dedicate themselves to giving Adam a hard time. This collection of people began with the ultra tight rhythm section of Matt Baccoli and Tim Formanek. Both have been in The Humbugs since the first gig as a five piece in 1999. Mike Senkovich (the new guy and official band vegetarian) has been in the group since 2004 when we convinced (strong-armed) him to share his time between us and his other group, Atomic Flea.

The whole band contributes to arranging the songs and fleshing out Adam’s ideas. We try to create catchy songs that a person could find themselves humming. Our goal is to go beyond typical three chord songs and add that little something that the listener may not hear everyday; something that may catch them slightly off guard but still makes musical sense. Lyrically we try to keep it loose and less narrative so there is enough ambiguity that a person could fit the songs to their own life’s soundtrack. Embracing the notion that the songs belong to the listener.

The band does like to travel and has performed from L.A. to Chicago, to New York City and many places in between. That about does it. Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy the tunes as much as we enjoy creating and playing them.